Linguistic Profiles of Social Variables in Diachrony

Start-Up Project funded by Saarland University

The project aims in the long-term to investigate speaker’s language use based on social variables such as age, gender or social background/class over time.

For example: Do older and younger speaker use different linguistic features (e.g., word choice, grammatical structures)? Does this change or remain stable over time? How do several social variables (age, gender, social background/class) interact with each other?

For this, the Old Bailey Corpus (Huber et al., 2016) — a digital collection of spoken texts based on the proceedings of the London’s central criminal court from the 18th and 19th century, is annotated further with linguistic features at different linguistic levels. This will allow us to observe possible linguistic profiles of social variables in diachrony.

People working on the project:

Annika Fischer (BA) — since June 2017

Pauline Krielke (MA) — August 2017- January 2018

Polina Stadnikova (BSc) — since May 2017

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